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The Merlin 5


Think about your tee shirt as a painting: your design is the artwork itself, and your garment is the canvas. If that’s the case, then picking the right garment is a super important part of the tee shirt buying process. Selecting the perfect garment is the foundation for your custom apparel, so you need to make the right choice. Lucky for you, we carry the top brands in the industry. Our team will help you create your own masterpiece!


The ink we use will give you the vibrant print colors you are looking for, as well as an unbelievably soft final product.


Your brand’s identity relies on the artwork you chose or design- it’s how you present yourself to the world and get your message out there! Merlin Graphics understands this. Our team will help you take your original, digital artwork and make it incredible. We use the best high definition screens, printing machines, and dryers in the industry to ensure that your designs are flawlessly translated to the garment.


You become a part of the Merlin Graphics family the second you make contact with us. Every single one of our customers is guided by a member of our team through every step of your ordering process and given the white glove Merlin experience. Our family is just as excited to see the end product as you are!


Timeliness is one of the most overlooked layers of quality and with the supply chain causing unprecedented delays in today’s world, it is becoming more difficult to deliver. The Merlin Graphics team will ensure that every order received is given a unique tracking number to access the order’s shipping progress. Production times vary based on what you are ordering and how much of it, but the Merlin Graphics team will work with our clients to create a clear line of communication that helps us understand your particular needs and make arrangements to meet them.


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