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Are you ready or have you recently started a new business? The website, office space, hiring, and other things can seem complicated and overwhelming. But wait a minute! Have you thought about strong branding that does not involve only the digital presence? The physical appearance of your brand also matters and is a good way to increase your brand awareness.

Okay! We decided on the custom t shirt printing idea. So now, how do you come up with a custom t-shirt design that is unique, eye-catching and memorable for your company. Here are a few things you should keep in mind while deciding what to print.

A niche is a specific portion of a market that is united by a common interest or demographic. The more detailed you are about your niche market’s demographics, values, and shopping habits, the more you will be able to tailor your products, services, and brand messaging to them.

  • Health

  • Fitness

  • Travel an tourism

  • School

  • Fashion

  • Pets

  • Lifestyle

  • Food

  • Beauty

  • Gaming

  • Anything!

With an established niche, all of the choices you make should be designed to serve it, from your logo design to your website layout. By positioning your brand with niche market strategies, you can establish yourself as the big fish in a small pond. Inspiration It is better to get inspired by others who have been doing the same business for a long time.

Brand typography

brand typography is a visual element of brand style guide, or brand book, that arranges your business's written copy in a legible way and aligns your messaging with your brand personality. Brand typography is not quite the same as brand font or typeface, although they are all closely related.


Another idea is to hold a pencil or pen and drag some lines on the blank paper using your imagination. Nowadays it is very easy to digitize hand drawn sketches.

An artistic technique used to assemble more than one form results in new art. We can use various pictures with excellent contrast, which will give a superb print design after combining. 

Historic prints

The long-lived art from the 80s and 90s can provide valuable inspiration for new ideas. Check out some of the memorable artwork online.

Online resources

merlin graphics and their team is ready to help you.

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