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Screen Printing Locations - print all over your your apparel

The sky's the limit when it comes to screen printing. There's no limit on the creativity you can put into a custom t-shirt! However, through the years of innovation in custom screen printing most consumers still resort to a few printing locations. Why? Simply put – they work!

Left Chest

This printing location is perfect for custom staff t-shirts, polos, zip-ups & i’ve even seen custom tank-tops rock a small left chest design. It’s tasteful & delivers discreet professionalism. Left chest designs are typically smaller prints, so it’s a good idea to keep your designs simple as it’s hard to see the details if your design is complex.

Our production team will naturally adjust the size (typical 3-4 inches) for all sizes you want, so each is proportional & ready for wearing!

Middle Chest

Whether custom t-shirts, hoodies, or sweatshirts alike, this is the second most classic location we’re used to seeing, wearing, & printing!

Being bigger than the left chest, yet smaller than full front – it’s perfect for medium size designs that have more complexity, yet don’t have the content to fill the whole printing space area.

Thus the middle chest comes in as the ‘all-around’ best location to display logos, slogans, text, and any mid-sized design. Typically these designs span 6” to 10” in length across the chest.

Full Front

And now, introducing the #1 classic printing location for almost anyone wanting custom apparel – the full front! This is when you want everyone to see your design & see it BIG!

Whether custom t-shirts, hoodies, tank-tops or any other garment with no zipper and a large print area, placing the right design fully on the front is sure to draw eyes! Not to mention curiosity.

Being these are typically large prints, here are a few things to keep in mind. First, big prints have more ink and ink has weight! Also, many inks require two coats. (Like white for example.)

If your design looks something like in example A, be expecting a front heavy garment that may not be as comfortable to wear!

If you’re trying to print an exact picture of your family or pets – comfortability probably isn’t one of your goals and this is perfect! However, every other design that’s going on shirts people wear frequently should really be simplified or inverted into a lighter look & feel! (Shown in example B.) Unless of course, that’s the look & feel you’re going for!

These designs range 12” x 14” on average across the full front.

If you’re needing help simplifying/inverting your designs to fit one of these qualifications, reach out to! We’d be happy to assist you at no extra cost!

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Back Collar

And now to the back. First runner up – the back collar. This custom printing location is becoming more popular both as a placement for logos on custom polos & jackets, and simply as a fashion statement!

Sometimes confused with the inside back collar print, an alternative printing location, when used correctly it’s an awesome addition to any work or play-wear!

Just like the left chest, this location is smaller and calls for simpler logos and artwork.

Typically they’re 2” to 4” wide and silently promote your business or cause from the back! Don’t go too small!

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Middle Back

Just like the middle chest, the middle back comes in as your choice for midsized designs made for – well, your back!

While it’s easy to confuse these locations with the full front or back – it’s important to note this is an upper location print going across the shoulder blades.

No more than 12’ wide for all standard sizes, your logos, slogans, and other midsized designs could easily find their forever home at this location!

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Full Back

Drumroll please.. and now the full back! This location could easily be called “the back attack”! In the same way we let all creativity in our designs out on the full front – the back is the same; but with one catch – purpose.

A garment with prints on the back almost certainly has a print on the front as well. And thus, even though it has more usable printing space than the front, it’s typically used with different purpose.

If the front has the company logo, name and/or slogan, the back could have the company website domain & contact number. (And maybe the logo again!)

That doesn’t mean a garment with only a back print is bad – in-fact a back only print could have greater impact depending on where it’s worn – like at a location where people are likely to be seeing your back then your front, or if it was a novelty shirt that said “kick me” with an arrow pointing to the derriere!

In either case, keep in mind the possibility of having a back weighted shirt if it’s not simplified or inverted as shown in examples A & B for “Full Front”.

In closing always remember, here at Big City Tees we are more than happy to help you adjust your design, all orders are reviewed by 1 of our 4 graphic designers that send proofs for approval before it goes to production.

So no-matter what location you want – it’s perfect & ready to be worn with confidence!

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