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Embroidery and screen printing: T-shirt decoration ideas

Printing in the textile industry is usually done in one of two ways; embroidery or screen printing. For a clear picture, let us clear that embroidery is bound with stitches, and screen printing is obtained with inks. Embroidery usually has a higher recognized value and conveys a more professional appearance on a piece of cloth. Whereas, Screen printing has a more casual look and mostly goes well with activewear and T-shirts. Screen printing can frequently reflect artwork more firmly, while many specific designs can be obtained with embroidery only. Considerably, embroidery is more expensive, as it is a detailed process of imprinting ideas with thread and needle.

Embroidery or printing?

You have two prime options to add logos and other designs on a cloth. Embroidery and screen printing are the two methods for adding logos to clothing and apparel. Both of these options can produce quality work, but they each have their pros and cons. Let's discuss some interesting facts about embroidery and screen printing.

Based on fabrics

Embroidery is usually observed as the more long-lasting choice and can produce professional results for uniforms and more. Embroidery gives a traditional plus classy finish to the apparel. T-shirts are embroidered if the designs aren't too complicated.

The textile industry usually prefers embroidery for jackets, hats, polar fleece, and golf shirts. Embroidery isn't recommended for lightweight polo t-shirts, woven, and T-shirt fabrics.

Screen Printing is best for T-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, tank tops, and athletic bags. Polos can also be screen printed, but the fabric must be smooth to get a detailed print. Printing works fine on polyesters.

Based on cost 

Embroidery is, of course, more expensive as compared to screen printing. Still, it can be cheaper also depending on the number of items embroidered and the number of colors in the design. 

If you prefer embroidery, you will usually look at flat-rate costs that don't depend on how many colors are there in the design. Despite, with screen printing, the number of colors makes a huge variance. In printing, each new color needs a new mesh screen; eventually, it increases the costs.

Which is most suitable?

Embroidered designs over a cloth can be very accurate, but they often look best when simplified. Threads used in embroidery have this unique sheen that catches light. This sheen gives embroidery a 3D appearance. This feature can make embroidered designs look different based on the quantity of light, viewing side, and even the way of stitches. Embroidery has been around for ages, presenting it as an ancient method of executing decorative finishes to garments.

Screen printing is also an old method; it was used to print money back then. Screen printing can be applied to any material like glass, metal, gold, wood, etc. So, it's more versatile than expected and now used as t-shirts and clothing printing in the textile industry. Screen printing usually applied for casual designs, so if you have fun t-shirt ideas, go for screen printing. There are several printing companies in California; we are among those companies to welcome you for trendy t-shirt designs.

In conclusion

Before you decide which is best, check our designs to know more about our work. We started our journey in 1995 with local artists by printing all types of apparel for all tourist destinations. This unique screen- printing was opened in Central Valley, California. With our embroidery and screen printing techniques, we became the voice for the best screen printing in California.

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