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Custom T Shirt Printing Ideas For Corporate Companies

Uniform t-shirts have become a staple of corporate meetings and fundraising programs. From building unity among the employees to creating a brand image among customers, a custom t-shirt has many benefits.

However, every company has its own t-shirts now, so you should have an exceptionally good design to withstand competition. The design should be similar to the company's overall outlook and should promote your brand.

We have compiled some of the coolest ideas that you can use for your corporate printed-t-shirts. Check it out before designing your t-shirt.

Best t shirt Printing Ideas When designing a t-shirt for your company, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. The t-shirt can make or break your brand, so make sure your design is perfect. Here are some ideas and tips that would be useful for you to design your company t-shirt:

  • Solid color: We suggest you choose solid colors. Multi-color t-shirts tend to look more casual.

  • Company Logo: Your company already has a logo design by a professional designer. Brand logo plays a significant role in building your brand image; a good logo can build a strong impression among your customers. Your logo plays a vital role in brand loyalty among customers.

You should think of the size and placement of your logo just as much as the logo itself. Placing the logo on a visible spot in an eye-catching size makes sure that the logo is visible and serves the purpose.

  • Special quotes: When you are designing corporate-printed t-shirts for a special function, you can include quotes related to that. For instance, if you are printing it for a fundraiser, you can add a quote related to the cause of the fundraiser. That will be a boost for your event and also give you an idea of the event.

  • Photo: T shirts with pictures are really common these days; even corporate companies have also taken that idea for their t-shirts. Photo printed t-shirt is a great idea for days like an annual get-together or cultural day. Make sure you use a group photo that includes all the company employees.

That will give them the feeling of being a part of something big and significant. It builds unity among the employees, which eventually will improve employee productivity.

  • Be creative: When designing t-shirts, the sky is your limit; keep the above points in mind and be as creative as possible.

Where to get your printed t-shirts?

We know the importance of t-shirts for corporate companies, so it is always better to get them printed from a trusted designer. If you are from California, you are lucky because you have one of the best designers in your backyard, Merlin Graphics.

Check out our website!! and get the best design for you, right now! For orders, questions or assistance with any order, you can reach us at 925-895-4478.

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