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Apparel Buying Guide for Custom Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Do you require bespoke sweatshirts and hoodies for personal or professional purposes? Hoodies or sweatshirts, which may be customized and trendy, could be the next must-have for your next party or professional trade show.

However, not everyone has the same level of skill when it comes to picking the ideal clothes for personalized sweatshirts and hoodies. So, to assist you in finding the right personalized clothing range, we've put up a comprehensive clothes shopping guide.

Quick Apparel Buying Guide

It's easy to become overwhelmed by the various customization possibilities for sweatshirts and hoodies. As a result, here is a brief garment purchase guidance for both beginners and professionals in personalized clothing:


Zip-ups and pullovers are the most popular hoodie styles. There are two front pockets on the zip-up pockets, but just one enormous pocket on the pullovers. Pullover hoodies are warmer and don't have a zipper, but zip-up hoodies provide greater fashion freedom. The zipper can adjust the temperature and keep it on or off depending on the user's preferences. Pullovers are perfect if you want large patterns on your personalized hoodies or sweatshirts. The zip-up style meets the demand for small designs yet may be worn in a variety of climates.


Hoodies and sweatshirts are available in a variety of fabrics. As a result, it's critical to keep track of the textiles used in personalized hoodies and sweatshirts. It's best to choose a cloth that can absorb moisture and shrink little. The French Terry is ideal since the yarn loops remain intact and the fabric is light. As a result, the individual remains colder.

The Sponge Fleece, on the other hand, is heavyweight and keeps the wearer warm. Because of its absorbent and breathable properties, French Terry is commonly used in towels. The interior of the Sponge Fleece is made up of shredded yarn loops that give it a fuzzy and tattered appearance.

Printing Locations

It's critical to choose the printing position for the hoodie based on the style, such as zip-up or pullover. Designs with gaps work well on zip-up sweatshirts, while large designs may be readily accommodated on pullovers. Customized logos or designs may be printed on zip-up hoodies, while beautiful designs can be printed on pullovers.

Printing Methods

It's critical to understand the printing process utilized on personalized sweatshirts and hoodies. Embroidery, dye-sublimation, heat transfer, and screen printing are all possibilities. The embroidery adds a touch of elegance to the image, while dye-sublimation is great for an all-over print.

Heat transfer printing is good for glossy patterns, whereas screen printing is a traditional printing process. Screen printing is utilized on a variety of personalized items, such as sweatshirts and hoodies. It's simple to choose a printing process based on the final result.


It's critical to think about the many size alternatives dependent on the hoodie's material. Due to the 100% cotton fabric, sizing modifications are required to account for any shrinkage. As a result, it's critical to check the size chart of sweatshirts or hoodies before choosing them for your own designs. Then choose the ones that correspond to the usual sizes.


There are several fitting options for personalized sweatshirts and hoodies, including simply fitted, Euro fit, slim fit, and retail fit. Male clients want apparel that is properly fitted, while women prefer loose attire. As a result, end-users report that it is simple to go for the fitting of personalized sweatshirts.

Men, Women, or Unisex

When it comes to custom hoodies or sweatshirts, choosing between men's and women's hoodies might be difficult. The normal unisex choice, on the other hand, may perform wonderfully for corporate marketing campaigns. Women's hoodies are contrasted according to body type, whereas unisex hoodies are typically suitable. As a result, it is simple to select men's, women's, or unisex personalized hoodies based on the preferences of potential buyers.

Hoodies Brands

You may choose hoodies or sweatshirts from a variety of well-known brands and customize them. It is best to choose those that fit the design styles that you desire. Furthermore, some of these companies are very reasonable, allowing you to swiftly place bulk custom hoodie orders without sacrificing your budget.

Some Extra Tips

Before you choose the perfect clothes for your personalized sweatshirts and hoodies, let us help you with some short tips:

  • Analyze the important requirements of possible customers of personalized hoodies before beginning to design them.

  • Make a list of the materials, sizes, and brands that you'll need to meet your specific requirements.

  • It's critical to understand the various printing kinds in order to achieve the best results and designs.

  • It is advised that you buy a sample product before placing your order so that you can see the exact print.

Wrapping Up

With professional help, it's simple to discover the appropriate sweatshirt or hoodie for your varying needs. Merlin Graphic is your go-to source for personalized sweatshirts for your team or any event. Relax, have fun, and leave the rest to our sweatshirt printing professionals. We have everything you'll need to make personalized sweatshirts that your friends/colleagues will adore.

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