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Merlin Graphics is a family owned and operated business located in Tracy, Ca specializing in high quality screen printing, embroidery, advertising merchandise, and more. Our family is  driven by the craft of making quality merchandise for all kinds of organizations.  We take pride in our ability to collaborate with our clients and then design, develop, and produce unique merchandise to tell their story. If you have a need for custom merchandise, chances are we can help you craft it!
Merlin Graphics makes it easy to order super soft, stylish custom printed t-shirts that get your organization or team’s message into the world. 

Let us show you how we make your shirts come to life. Our process may feel automated on the front end, but behind the scenes there's more to it. Mockup artists, ink mixers, press operators, and more are all at work.  Merlin Graphics blends art & science to bring your brand’s design to life. 

Apparel is what we make. People are our passion. 

We are screen printers, brand specialists, and customer service professionals. We are family. We are friends. We believe in treating people right.  We provide our customers with the best custom printing experience possible.

Custom apparel is what we do, you are why we do it. 

Our team is ready & waiting to bring your vision to life. If you are feeling overwhelmed with too many choices, We feel you. Get in touch and we’ll have you on your way to embroidered apparel perfection in no time. 

Apparel Printing &
Promotional Materials.

We provide quality merch to promote your event, brand, or business.

We are able to source almost any type of garment for you and can help you choose from our wide selection of inks, as well as specialty finishing options. Feel free to fill out a quote request and learn more about what Merlin Graphics can do for you. 

Designs - Existing & Custom Available

We can help you look your summer best all year round. Personalize your summer looks with our extensive collection. If you love summer, you will surely fall in love with our designs dedicated to the season. Jumpstart your adventures by choosing from our collection or edit your favorites with the help of our professional artists.

We are known for embroidered fire department shirts and our fire department t-shirt designs. We have dozens of templates to edit, or you can also work with our professional artists to create your own custom fire department t-shirts. We are happy to work with you and meet your needs.

For travel enthusiasts who enjoy the lush green forests of the mountains. Look great on your outdoor adventure with our precious collection. Available with the perfect blend of comfort, functionality, and protection, which will help you through your favorite trail.

Create a professional image. Custom logo apparel provides your potential and existing customers with a tangible reminder of your company or product. Get your product, service, or business name in front of a large audience. Customers love getting custom apparel at trade shows. Make your brand part of their everyday life. Great for promotional gifts, trade show giveaways, employees and more. Everyone works better when they feel like they’re part of a larger team.

You’ve seen stones on all the hottest fashion trends at the mall or on TV. Now you can have some on your very own custom wearables. We have stock designs that can be added to a shirt or hat or more! Step it up and have us create a truly unique garment with a custom designed print and then a rhinestone embellishment on top. We are happy to help make it happen.

T-shirts are the most prominent and reasonable approach to do this, but there are an assortment of choices accessible to you including sweatshirts, polo shirts, hoodies, and more!

For the hottest little league team or just a bunch of “old guys” in their prime, we can create a great look for you. Many teams already have a set design. That’s great, bring it in and we’ll create great garments for you at affordable prices. Starting up the company softball team? You need to look good. Let our graphics experts create a great look for you.

  • Brand Promotion

  • School Events or Apparel

  • Friends Reunion

  • Vacations or Parties

  • Religious Events

  • Club or Concerts

  • Any Event!

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e-mail directly at: grant@candcdesign.com

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Contact Us

Write us an e-mail via the form, or just send us an e-mail directly at grant@candcdesign.com



24568 S MacArthur Dr.
Tracy, CA 95376

Contact Us

Write us an e-mail via the form, or just send us an e-mail directly.



24568 S. MacArthur Dr.
Tracy, CA 95376

We are ready, willing, and able to meet with you to assist you in selecting the ideal clothing design to complement your brand and the proper sort of custom-branded logo clothing to fulfill all of your specific requirements. We have you covered from head to toe, whether you need T-shirts for corporate events and trade exhibitions, bespoke sports team jerseys for your team or league, golf shirts for special trips, or unique products for corporate or philanthropic events. 


Contact us for a no-obligation consultation that will ensure a flawless transition from concept to completion. You may come in and have your company logo printed on any clothes or clothing items you like, or you can entirely personalize your design. We'll design and print it if you can wear it! 

If You Can Wear It, We Will Design and Print It! 


Screen Printing

Screen printing is by far our most popular printing method so we have  the process down to a science. 

For each of your unique designs our printers create a stencil (a “screen”) and use it to apply thick layers of ink to the printing surface that you have decided on. Each color is applied using a separate stencil, layered on one at a time, until they all come together to create your design. This method is done by hand and gives us some flexibility to print on surfaces. 

Merlin Graphics doesn’t mess around when it comes to custom screen printing because we are driven to constantly improve what we do. We treat your resources—time, money and effort—as if they were our own. 

Specializing in Custom Screen Printing, and hyper focused on offering the best Customer Service. If you’re looking for a custom printing company to print your custom apparel with the precision of a surgeon, you don’t have to look far. 

Your best source for quality-focused custom apparel Screen Printing, right in the heart of the California central valley.


There are certain garments where screen printing isn’t as ideal, and when this is the case, embroidery is a great alternative for putting your logo on items.  We can help you figure out if this is the case for you. Embroidery adds a clean and professional look to your brand.

Embroidery is the art of stitching designs into a garment with a needle and thread. This isn’t so different from what you might have done at home using a wooden hoop, except we use magnetic hoops and machines that can sew 1,000 stitches per minute. If you need to put your business or organization’s personal mark on a classy polo shirt or cap, embroidery is the way to go.

Merlin Graphics will help bring your embroidered apparel to life by taking your design from cool idea and design and making it into a tangible item. 

Get started by determining what design you want to embroider, and on what garment! If you need help making that decision, let us help.